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    Family photography

    Model: Steven Townsend

    Instagram: @atlassupply.co

    Island Beyond

    Sea and Land scapes.

    Catalina Island

    Beach Livin'

    A collaboration with Odds and Sods

    Instagram: @oddsandsods

  • Get to know Miss B.

    Miss B

    The Miss behind the photography.

    From birth Brittany Manoff was my given name, however, Miss B is my preferred moniker. Names like skills develop overtime, and can change or be altered in ways more befitting the person we become as we grow with new experiences in life. I'm of the opinion, as Shakespeare, that a name is just a name, and it's rather the person that holds true importance. But enough about names.


     In life, things and people come and go, and time is ever pressing forward. We have so many moments that can get crowded out, lost, or forgotten with all that life has us set on. Photos allow us to see, as well as remember those special times we may have forgotten, or glanced over. Capturing raw moments can stir up many emotions in ourselves, and every emotion, whether it be happy or sad is still something to be remembered. These instances in our lives combine to create a story, a view into our changes, accomplishments, and developments.


    Life is full of beautiful people, places, and things. It's a delight to see the world and keep it. A picture is worth a thousand words. When you watch a movie, and you have to get up for a snack run, you push pause. When you do this, you see a side of the people you wouldn't have noticed had you only seen the rolling act. A photo, especially candid can show a lot more truth about a person than what you think may be there when they're able to pose for it. It's seeing beyond the person we all put on when we want to be whomever it may be for that day or occasion. That's the side of photography I deeply enjoy. Don't get me wrong, a great posed photo is a beautiful thing! Just personally I thrive on the genuine, unplanned views in life. All photos are wonderful, and I enjoy taking every one of them. I look forward to capturing and sharing these moments with you.

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